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Jean-Baptiste Laporte

Jean-Baptiste Laporte has been a certified athletic therapist and physiotherapist for over 10 years; he is a member in good standing with the following associations: CATA, NATA, OPPQ. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS-NSCA), FMS System and Muscle Activation Techniques specialist (MATTM). Jean-Baptiste has been assistant Athletic Trainer /Physical Therapist for the Carolina Panthers of the […] Read More…

No Huddle: Rehabilitation and Conditioning in the NFL (bilingual)

Professional leagues, such as the NFL, impose challenges to sports medicine and strength and conditioning staffs. This comprehensive lecture will bridge the gap between the use of assessment, rehab/corrective tools and interventions for athletes’ needs.

An overview of the tools utilized, such as MAT, the FMS/SFMA systems, blood flow restriction (BFR), and GPS tracking, and their application in injury prevention, rehab and return to play will also be presented.


Martin Fréchette

Martin Fréchette
Martin Fréchette is a dietician and nutritionist from Sherbrooke. He obtained his master degree, entitled L’utilisation des suppléments alimentaires chez les athlètes d’élite québécois, from Université de Montréal. He currently works with several high level teams as their nutritionist. These teams include LHJMQ’s Phoenix and many other athletes from the Institut National du Sport du Québec.

Sports Nutrition – 2017 Updates (Fr)

This lecture will give the opportunity to update your knowledge in nutrition related to pre-, post- and during physical activity intake. These aspects will be looked at differently depending on various kinds of sports. Theory on basic nutritional and hydration needs will be covered, but the focus will be on the application of this knowledge to better answer the reality of athletic therapists.


Jean-François Ménard

Jean-François Ménard
Since his beginning with the Cirque du Soleil where he would work with the best performers, Jean-François Ménard has become THE reference in the field on mental prep in Québec. He is renown in the field of performance psychology with Olympians and his experiences brought him to work with professional athletes and hockey players, musicians, surgeons and businessmen. Performance psychology […] Read More…

Mental Preparation for Athletes (En)

In a world of performance, even recreational athletes are now undergoing performance stress. During his lecture, Jean-François Ménard will look at stress management inside out. How can we help an athlete to cope with his (often very high) expectations and the pressure from its sport and environment? Can we intervene positively to help out an athlete to accept an injury? Can it help with the healing?

Join us to learn more on sports psychology to get new tools to use in your work place.


Gilles Courchesne

Gilles Courchesne
Gilles Courchesne is a physiotherapist, graduated from Université Laval in 1985. He was part of the Canadian medical team during the ‘92 Winter Olympics in Albertville and ’94 Summer Olympics in Lillehammer. He is also an official sports physio, member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada since 1998. He also teaches Physiothérapie en traumatologie du sport at Université Laval since 1988 and […] Read More…

Introduction to Dynamic Tape (Fr)

This new product allows correcting biomechanical problems, without sacrificing mobility. Articular support application and muscle function are both mechanically optimized by this innovative tape branded by an Australian physiotherapist in 2010. Based on body mechanic principle, you will be impressed by the results one can obtain with all types of clientele.

A theoretical introduction will be presented as well as a global workshop of the upper limbs application (appropriate clothes should be worn).



Jean-Baptiste Laporte


“The Toe Touch” or the Significance of Multi-segmental Flexion in Rehab and Conditioning (bilingual)

This workshop will touch various aspects of clinical work in athletic therapy. Topics such as SFMA breakout, clinical assessment, applied “reset” manual interventions and corrective exercises will be covered.


Martin Fréchette

Martin Fréchette

Fast-food Menu Analysis: How to Help your Athletes to Make the Best Choices (Fr)

In this two-part workshops, participants will analyze common fast-food restaurant menus in relation with various sports. The second portion of the workshop will allow the subgroups to share and explain their choices keeping in mind the necessary nutritional needs of their specific athletes. This workshop is meant to be a direct transition with the morning lecture.


Nour Saadé

The Art of Charting
This workshop will review the basics of charting. The workshop will go over the foundations  in making charting efficient and relevant throughout your treatment plan. We will also, quickly look at on field charting in regards to emergency care.


THURSDAY (7:00 pm)

Bring coaches, parents and athletes

Les commotions cérébrales :  Où en sommes-nous? (FR)


(FKQ: 1 unit per hour)

Set of lectures (1.5 CEUs)

9h00 Mental Preparation for Athletes (En)
10h15 Sports Nutrition – 2017 Updates (Fr)
11h30 No Huddle: Rehabilitation and Conditioning in the NFL (bilingual)

Set of workshops (limited places) (1.2 CEUs)
1:00pm to 5:00pmSee topic above

SATURDAY (afternoon)

(FKQ: 1 unit per hour)

Interactive lecture sponsored by Atlas Médic (0.7 CEUs)

  • Dynamic Tape by Gilles Courchesne

Seminar Location

The lectures and workshops will be held at Concordia University (Loyola Campus). Concordia University is ideally located at the corner of West Broadway and Sherbrooke Street West in N.D.G. The location is easily accessible, either by car, or via a short bus ride (#105) from the Vendome metro station. Free parking is available on the streets around campus.

Concordia University – Loyola Campus
7141 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, Quebec,
H4B 1R6


April 20 to 22, 2017

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